Tired of your boss always pestering you? Do you wish to have your coworkers give you the respect you deserve? Well


Show everyone around you what your made of by allowing good nutrition and the gym be your guide!



As I grew up as a kid struggling to overcome obesity, I knew I was truly upset deep down for who I was and who I’ve became. I admired those that were athletic and into sports, but at the same time, it made me cringe to think about perusing such a…aggressive hobby, so to speak.


2 Years after my weight loss journey, I received my first paying job… Can you guess what it was?? …I’ll give you a hint- they sell over a billion burgers a year! Indeed it was Mc.Donalds!


My best friend at the time, Danny Bovee, put a great word in for me and I was immediately trained as a burger flipper… well.. more like a grill guy since there was no flipping needed. Glad I could be of assistance…


I started to gain some weight back working there and a couple people started to notice, especially my managers since they barked at me numerous times to not eat the food or else I would  be “written up.” I continued to sneak bits of cookie dough from the freezer. I thought it was ridiculous I was being yelled at, so I did it more, until one day…



I got home one night after my shift and looked in the mirror. My face was breaking out, my arms had red blotches on them, and worst of all… I was nothing but a burger boy. I decided right then and there that I would not allow myself to live my life as a slob, or as a bottom-of-the-totem-pole burger slave!!!




Deep down, I knew I was so much better than what I appeared to be. With a desire for respect and a new job,  I knew I needed to step up my game to create such a drastic change change.




After losing 26 lbs through resistance training, I then realized how much praise I was receiving. As I continued lifting, I noticed many people asking me how I was reaping such incredible results, even my managers were asking me daily!! 


Not even a month later, I was promoted to shift manager. Two Months after being promoted,  I became promoted AGAIN to Secondary Assistant Manager!


Nine months later, I left to work at a Valvoline Instant Oil Change since it was better pay. I used the same hard work ethic I used for my daily health at this job as well! It was only 8 months later when my Store Manager asked me to take his place. I knew I had more to offer than car tune-up services, so I declined.

 talking valvoline





“I gained the respect from others by simply showing myself respect through Health & Fitness. As soon as I was able to love and appreciate myself, I realized others were able to love and appreciate me as well! Simply making Health and Fitness from that point on has helped me to really love and respect myself, and paved the road to become successful at pursuing the career of my dreams in the heart of NYC!




Show Self-respect towards yourself and see where it leads you. I give you my word, doors will open to new opportunities you could never imagine…