success magnet



Today,  success is made out to be this celestial quality that only certain individuals possess. When we think of success, we often think of money, cars, houses, and everything else that is ”out of our reach.” But is it really out of our reach? Is it really that hard to be successful? To be honored and glorified from the rest of The World? The answer to becoming a Success Magnet is quite simple. After reading this, you will have learned how to achieve success, and the essentials for endless amounts of success, joy, and opportunities to come your way.




Before we move on, think about this– what exactly does success mean to you? Maybe it’s:

  • Being the best in your line of work
  • Owning your own business
  • Financially Secure
  • Helping others get what they want
  • Settling down and having a family


The examples above were answers I received from others when I asked them the same question. I also asked them a second question–

How do you think others would interpret your view of success?”

Their answers became scattered, while their confidence decreased the more they tried to explain what I wanted to hear.


 The answer I wanted to hear was

“It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”



In order to be a Success Magnet, you can not worry about what others think. Otherwise, you’ll spend your entire life worrying about “what if.”


^^#1 Success Killer!!
Has there ever been a time when someone else told you

“in order to be a success, you have to:”

  • Go to school
  • Get a degree
  • Find a job somewhere?

That’s all fine and dandy if success to you is retiring with a little extra change in your pocket, but in order to BE a success, you need to contribute something unique and revolutionary.


 Bill Gates & Steve Jobs
Two of The Worlds most remarkable Entrepreneurs never achieved a college education, but their success revolutionized
the technology of The World today!


In fact, Jobs openly admitted he slept on friends’ floors, and would walk across town to the Hare Krishna temple for free meals in a commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005. This story should eliminate at least 3/4 of your excuses– it did for me!

What Traits Does a
Success Magnet Have?


Never go anywhere without your Smile!
In order to be a Success Magnet, the first thing you need to do is smile. That’s right, SMILERon Gutman speaks on TED TV about the hidden power behind a smile and how people that smile are scientifically proven to live longer, and have  more success. If you can’t smile through the hard times, you may never get to smiling through the good times.
Conquer Obstacles with Optimism.
Success Magnets view obstacles as opportunities. By viewing obstacles as opportunities, you will not just get past the problem in front of you, you will learn from iso you never have to experience it again! Check out this amazing content and this hilarious 1 minute video that Michael Hyatt posted about how to turn an obstacle into an opportunity! 
People judge a book by its cover
In actuality, first impression is everything. A good first impression can go a long way with the right opportunity. The first step I preach to people seeking new opportunities is to live a healthy active lifestyle. By living a healthy active lifestyle, you will naturally have more self- respect, and show more respect towards others. My personal 100lb weight loss allowed me to see both sides of how others perceive us, and I can undoubtedly say that people will view how you look as another page of your résumé. I express the importance of this because when a person is in great shape, it revels: Self-discipline, Focus, and Determination. If you haven’t thought about becoming healthy and fit from a business standpoint, I strong encourage you to if you wish to achieve success to the highest degree.

To be a Successful Leader, you need to be a Successful Role Model.



Let’s look back at the days of elementary school where many of us were taught life’s golden rule. Do you remember it? I know I do, even though I didn’t follow it until later in my life. Treat others the way you want to be treated! This could not be any more clear. 
  • If you want to be loved by others, you need to love others. 
  • If you want to be respected by others, you need to treat others with respect. 
  • If you wish for others to go out of your way for you, you need to be willing to do the same.
This rule alone will allow you to become a Success Magnet and be able to sustain success long term, but the other rules still apply. Without a smile, you are unreadable to others. And if you are unreadable to others, it will be harder for others to trust you. It is a fact that People do business with people they like, know, and trust more often than those who achieved a college degree. If you have made a positive connection with someone higher up, you will most likely be hired with a passion to learn over somebody that has established the knowledge. I hope that you share this information with others how they too can become a success magnet. 
Remember, if you help others succeed, they will help you succeed– The Golden Rule.