Dreamers & Doers categorize all the people who seek their life’s purpose. Both of these categories are essential to establishing a strategic plan of action, but starting with only one can endanger your success towards a certain goal/task! When we first start out to seek our mission, visualization is key in order to specifically answer the two most important questions that will make or break your success:


 1) What we wish to accomplish?


2) Why is it important to us?


3) How will we accomplish this?

      Sure you may have already “gone over” these two questions and think you it all the bells and whistles worked out, so I got a bonus question for you…

4) Is the answer to ”Why”  significant enough to overcome ”How” you are going to obtain it??




Only when your  “Why” is undoubtedly more important than your “How”  will you be successful of achieving your task/goal.



The two sentences I wrote below are examples of how Dreamers & Doers view a particular goal/task.

      *I want to figure out what my purpose is once and for all.

     *I will figure out my purpose once and for all.



Isn’t it amazing to think that simply swapping one word (technically) for another separates the “Dreamers” from the “Doers?” The people who are “doers” generally do not think about the task itself, they simply see what lies after the task is completed: Feeling of satisfaction, sense of relief, etc. The task at hand can be as big as buying that dream house you’ve always wanted, or as small as fixing a squeaky door. Regardless of the task, the emotions and feelings that follow as a result of completing a particular task/goal will remain the same. Sure the feeling’s intensity will always fluctuate, but the emotions themselves remain unaltered.



So… what exactly am I getting at?



I’m stating that being a “Doer” doesn’t mean you will enjoy everything you do. We obviously know that there are certain things we despise doing, but its when we achieve those goals that we step out of our comfort zone and grow as individuals. In fact, Doers get MORE motivation from accomplishing tasks they DON’T LIKE to do…Why though?? In my opinion once I tasted how sweet success felt… I’d rather DIE than go without another fix…*



Do you have a small pet peeve that just drives you nuts unless you fix it? My pet peeve is that squeaky door we talked about earlier believe it or not. It drives me absolutely insane to the point where I have actually lubed a door to a person’s house that I was trying to sell one-on-one training sessions to! Sure it may have seemed odd to do such a thing, but solving a small, simple problem like a squeaky door allows you to reap the emotional benefits that come with it.

Taking action on something as small as this will reprogram your mind to succeed at whatever you want, while also allowed me to get a new client AND two more leads!!


This is the same for anything you do. We as humans run off instinct. Instincts are are created from emotions, so its vital to understand them and know how to use them to our advantage. When coordinated properly, we are able to achieve anything we truly want, but it takes time. Next time you see papers all over your desk, or see a few dishes that need to be washed, take 5 minutes and tighty things up. This will help train your mind into “doing” instead of dreaming.




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