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Most of us nowadays live life on autopilot. We get up, go to work, make phone calls, send text messages, while in the midst of it all we live vicariously through Social networks like Facebook. Day by day we live our lives in hope that something will automatically excite us, inspire us, and motivate us to reevaluate what our life truly means to us. Know that this too is a conscious decision one once make in order to succeed onwards towards Life’s Big Picture.


“The Only Thing We Have To Fear, Is Fear Itself!”


Once you decide that you no longer want to live a mechanical life, no it’s time to have some fun!!



4 Steps To Take Before You Leave Your Comfort Zone:





1) Define WHY you wish to step out of your comfort zone! This may sound silly, but asking yourself why is the most powerful question we can ask ourselves to endure change! Most of you should have already knew this was coming since I have pounded it into your nuggets since day 1! This question is vital for any scenario.




Let me ask you this… Would you ever want to work out if you were naturally in perfect shape? Would you ever care about what anyone said about you if you were the richest person in the world?? Not at all!! 


By asking yourself why you feel the need to step out of your comfort zone will surface the reason behind your thoughts! It will also be used as the driving force to help motivate you every step of the way. When I asked myself why I wanted to get in shape, it was because I truly wanted to see my 30th birthday. (How health and fitness truly saved my life) The deeper you dig, the harder you’ll push.


2) Clear Your Mind!


You need to make your mentality more than just a way of thinking, it is what makes you YOU!  This by far is one if the hardest steps because you are changing your intuition to a new mentality. Some of the best tools you can use to your advantage to stay focused:


  • Revisit your why factor.
  • Stay on track with your health and fitness goals to sustain self-confidence
  • Watch inspiring Stories and/or Motivational Speakers on YouTube (My personal fav!)
  • Keep a smile on your face! I know it sounds foolish, but try smiling consistently all day and see how foolishly powerful smiling really is! :D


3) Visualization


In order for you to get to where you want to be, you have to know where you want to be! You don’t usually get in a car without knowing where your going, let alone leave the front door for that matter! Really dial in your imagination on where you want to end up.


Where are you?

What do you see?

How do you feel?


These questions really helped me transform from that sad, struggling obese child I was into who I am today. It was at that moment I knew I did not want to live like that, so why should I? Hone your energy, and your mind in on the Grand Prize at all times!


4) Partner Up!


This is one thing I wish I had when I was little, a partner with the same destination! I did not, but its obvious that having a support system really helps! You don’t even need to partner up with someone, just tell someone close to you some of the new things you wish to do. That way, you are held accountable! Every time I have a new goal, dream, or idea that I see myself acting on, I tell someone close to me my plans, and when to expect it. Works every time!




Obviously, this list may look kind of tedious, but I personally use this approach daily! I reiterate through visualization on what I truly wish to do. Try it! I can guarantee you will stay much more focused towards The Big Picture regardless of where you’re trying to go!





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